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The Queensland Quantum Optics Laboratory led by Professor Warwick Bowen is part of the UQ Precision Sensing Initiative and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS).

The Queensland Quantum Optics Laboratory undertakes research in the quantum physics of micro- and nano-scale optical devices, with the aims of both testing fundamental physics, and developing quantum technologies with future applications in metrology, communication, and biomedical imaging and diagnosis. Much of our research is based around optical architectures integrated onto silicon chips and/or compatible with current-day fibre optic systems. These architectures provide a test-bed from which we can study a wide range of quantum processes including entanglement and non-locality, quantum enhanced measurements and microscopy, and quantum optomechanics. The robustness and scalability of the systems used offer potential for the investigation of large-scale quantum systems and phenomena. You can visit our research page for more details on the research activities of our group.

Interested in joining us? See here for information on Postdoctoral Fellowships and current PhD projects