Control Engineering in Quantum Coherent Systems


A/Prof. Michael Biercuk, The University of Sydney
Note that this colloquium will be held in 07-222 (Parnell Building) at 3pm.

Tremendous research activity worldwide has focused on attempting to harness the exotic properties of quantum physics for new applications in metrology, computation, and communications – a push to develop engineered quantum systems. Underlying any such capability is the need to exert control over a chosen quantum system in order to coax it into performing useful tasks. In this talk we introduce the challenge of control engineering in these systems and show how advances in control promise to accelerate the development of quantum technologies. We motivate and introduce one framework that is proving useful in real experimental quantum systems: Open-loop control. Through a presentation of a series of experiments using trapped atomic ions as a model quantum system, we describe the utility of open-loop control in realizing noise filters protecting quantum systems against decoherence. We include presentation of experimental results describing the role of these control techniques for applications in quantum computation and quantum simulation, showing the versatility of the trapped-ion platform and a path towards large-scale quantum technologies.

A/Prof. Michael Biercuk – Control Engineering in Quantum Coherent Systems from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.