The black hole at the beginning of time


Prof. Robert Mann, University of Waterloo
This colloquium will be held in Prentice (42) 212 at 3pm.

Could the big bang be hidden inside of a black hole?  Early universe cosmology is dedicated to understanding how to obtain a predictable cosmos in the face of the unpredictable implications of the cosmic singularity that classical physics tells us must be present at the big bang.   But modern ideas of brane-world cosmology suggest that perhaps this cosmic singularity could be cloaked by a black hole. After providing a brief review of modern cosmology and its conundrums, I will sketch out the possibility that the origin of time might actually be hidden inside of a black hole, the prospects for testing this idea, and the potential implications this has for both inflation and the multiverse.

Prof. Robert Mann – The black hole at the beginning of time from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.