On the origin of Onsager vortices


Dr Tapio Simula, Monash University
This colloquium will be held in Parnell (07) 234 at 3 pm.

Superfluids are known for their ability to support frictionless fluid flows. Their other trait is to nucleate quantized vortex particles whenever the superfluid is forcibly made to rotate. Such vortex particles have many similarities to relativistic elementary particles, for instance, vortices and antivortices can annihilate by emitting phonons that travel at the speed of sound. In this talk, I will present an introduction to the physics of vortices, which are the elementary building blocks underpinning superfluid turbulence. I will then discuss the evaporative heating mechanism of vortices that can result in the emergence of large scale coherent vortex structures and absolute negative Boltzmann temperatures in two-dimensional turbulent superfluids. Unresolved questions regarding the mass of a superfluid vortex and the critical behaviour of the Onsager vortex phase transition will also be touched upon.

Dr Tapio Simula – On the Origin of Onsager Vortices from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.