Physics, Art and Jewellery


Dr Margaret Wegener, The University of Queensland
This colloquium will be held in Parnell (07) 234 at 3 pm.

Physics helps make art. As well as direct input into the making of things, through materials, tools and technology, physics can help make sense of the way that art is made. For the particular example of art jewellery, I will show how methods handed down through craftspeople can be deciphered. Understanding the physics involved enables the maker to push boundaries. Laser-welding and laser-patterning titanium that extends traditional jewellery-making techniques will be illustrated. I will discuss several science-art collaborations that I’ve been involved in, including “Labpunk” art jewellery made from physics artefacts, and the upcoming “Light Play” exhibition at the UQ Art Museum for the International Year of Light. Contemporary art is fascinated with physics.

You may read more about Dr Wegener’s Labpunk designs here.

Dr Margaret Wegener – Physics, Art and Jewellery from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.