Type Ia Supernovae: Enlightening Cosmic Explosions


Dr Michael Childress, CAASTRO Australian National University
This colloquium will be held at 3 pm on Friday 24th July. Venue TBC.

Type Ia Supernovae (SNe Ia) are most famous for being “standard candles” whose uniform brightnesses make them excellent tools for measuring cosmological distances.  Their use was instrumental in first revealing the accelerating expansion of the Universe in the late 1990s.  Since then the details of their astrophysical origin have come under intense scrutiny.  Astronomers have investigated whether insight into their astrophysical origin might improve their cosmological utility, and inspected whether their astrophysical diversity could bias cosmological results.  In this talk I will summarise the work that has led to the current best understanding for the origin of SNe Ia, then discuss the outstanding questions about SN Ia progenitors and how we might address them in future work.

Dr Michael Childress – Type 1A Supernovae: Enlightening Cosmic Explosions from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.