Unconscious bias and outdated stereotypes: how thinking shortcuts lead to bad outcomes


Venue: Parnell Building (07) Rm 222, St Lucia Campus
Prof. Jennifer Martin (UQ, IMB)

This combined colloquium will be held at 3 pm on Friday 28th August.

Women have made up more than 50% of undergraduates at Australian Universities since the 1980s. Thirty years later, there has been little change in the proportion of women at senior levels. This high attrition represents a loss of talent and diversity, a waste of investment, and ultimately limits our productivity and innovation. It seems we are stuck with the stereotypes of the past. To win the war on talent, we need to overhaul what we value, and rethink how we appoint and promote. We need smart initiatives, and new models of success. This presentation highlights the issues and some of the solutions that are being implemented including the current rollout of an Australian Athena SWAN/SAGE (Science in Australia Gender Equity) pilot.