Squeezed light and gravitational wave detectors



Ms Georgia Mansell, Australian National University
This colloquium will be held 12 noon, 7th April, in Goddard 08-139

Advanced LIGO (laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory) is the most sensitive displacement metrology experiment in the world, consisting of two Michelson interferometers with optical cavity arms each at 4 km in length. Last year the LIGO scientific collaboration announced the first observation of gravitational waves, from a binary black hole merger. The injection of squeezed states of light will further enhance the detectors’ astrophysical reach by improving sensitivity beyond shot noise. In this talk, I will summarize the research efforts towards a squeezed light source for advanced LIGO. I will also talk about the recent research into squeezed light sources in the 2 micron region, for potential future gravitational wave detectors.