Gaps, rings and spirals in protoplanetary discs: evidence of planets ?


Christophe Pinte, School of Physics and Astronomy, Monash University
This colloquium will be held at 11 am, 15th February, in Parnell 07-302

Recent observations from ALMA and extreme AO near-IR imagers are revolutionizing our view of disc evolution and planet formation. Resolved disc observations reveal intriguing features, such as spiral arms, rings, narrow gaps, shadows, and asymmetries. I will show how the thermal emission and molecular maps from ALMA can be compared to scattered light images from VLT/SPHERE to provide insight into the main physical mechanisms at play in the discs. In particular, I will present a few recent results that allow us to put quantitative constraints on the disc structure, on the evolution of the dust grain population and, on the mechanisms of planet formation. I will also show how the disc kinematics can reveal the presence of embedded planets.