Measuring Black Hole Masses with the Australian Dark Energy Survey


Dr. Janie Hoorman, University of Queensland
This colloquium will be held at 11 am, 16th August, in  Bldg.: Richards (05), Room #213

While most galaxies are home to supermassive black holes millions to billions of times more massive than our sun the question of how they became so big is still unanswered. To address this the Australian Dark Energy Survey (OzDES) spent the past six years regularly observing 771 galaxies up to 12 billion light-years away with the aim of measuring the mass of the black hole in their centers. This is done using a technique called reverberation mapping where time delays are used to obtain information about how the material is orbiting the black holes even when the sources are too small to image directly. I will present the details of the OzDES Reverberation Mapping Program and share the first black hole mass measurements made with this dataset.