Exploring the Precision Frontier with Belle II


Prof. Markus Prim
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
& KEK (High energy accelerator Research organization, Tsukuba, Japan)
This colloquium will be held at 11 am, 14th February 2020, in  Parnell building(07), Room #222
The Belle II experiment is a next-generation B-Factory located at the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider facility in Tsukuba, Japan. The experiment started to record collisions in 2018 and aims to collect a data sample of 50/ab in the coming years. The large anticipated collision data set will allow for precision tests to challenge the Standard Model of particle physics and search for signs of new physics processes and phenomena beyond the direct production threshold of the Large Hadron Collider. This talk will present the current status of Belle II and discuss the ongoing effort to search for signs of new physics at the precision frontier.