Discover the Square Kilometre Array: A Global Science Project in Our Backyard


Speaker: Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith (CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science)
Date: 20th May 2011

Where do we come from? Where is the universe going? Was Einstein right? Are we alone?

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is one of the most ambitious science projects ever conceived. Involving a cast of hundreds of scientists and engineers around the globe, the SKA project aims to answer some of the fundamental questions in Physics and Astronomy using the world’s largest radio telescope. A joint bid by Australia & New Zealand is in a two-horse race with South Africa to host this massive array of radio telescopes in our back yard. A final decision on the site will be made in 2012.

In this talk, Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith, the CSIRO SKA Project Scientist will describe the motivation behind the international SKA project, the science and engineering innovations required to bring the SKA to fruition and the status of Australia’s bid to host this mega-science project.