Microscopy with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution


Speaker: A/Prof. Trevor Smith (University of Melbourne, CXS)
Date: 4th November 2011

“Super-resolution” optical microscopy methods have become available in recent years, circumventing the diffraction limit in light microscopy to provide resolution to the tens of nanometre scale.  Included here are approaches such as stimulated emission depletion (STED), structured illumination, scanning optical near-field and localisation microscopies. Ultrafast laser methods provide temporal resolution on the femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond timescales, and can also be used to generate ultrashort pulses of coherent XUV and X-ray radiation suitable for high-resolution microscopy.

In this talk we will explore various methods of microscopy, and how these are (or could be) combined to achieve very high spatial and/or temporal resolution, which can be applied to the biological, botanical and materials sciences.