Nonlinear Photon Circuits Transforming the New Information Age: Faster, Smaller and Smarter

Prof Ben Eggleton

Speaker: Prof Benjamin Eggleton (Australian National University)

Date: 30th March 2012

My talk will review our recent progress in demonstrating nonlinear photonic circuits (photonic chips) for ultrafast all-optical signal processing based on highly nonlinear materials and nanophotonic circuits and structures. I will review the underlying principles of the optical nonlinearity and show how it can be massively enhanced using slow light in photonic crystal circuits. I will also review our recent breakthrough demonstrations of ultrafast all-optical signal processing and waveform analysis and emerging applications of photonic chip based all-optical processing in quantum processing and nonlinear optical phononics (opto-acoustic interactions).

This research was performed as part of the CUDOS Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence program. CUDOS aims to develop the science and engineering to transform photonic integrated circuits into a practical, powerful technology employing optical signal processing to enable critical applications spanning communications, sensing and security. This will enable the Internet to transfer vast amounts of data; it will lead to secure transmission using quantum photonic-based devices, and to the detection of mid-infrared signatures of light from distant stars and complex molecules of environmental or biochemical importance.