Atomtronics – Future Devices Beyond Electrons


Speaker: Professor Kristian Helmerson (Monash University)
Date: 7th September 2012

Modern electronic devices rely on the transport and interaction of electrical charge, mainly in semiconductors. While we have become extremely proficient at moving electrical charge through materials for various applications, this is only the beginning. Atoms possess a number of properties not found in electrons, such as a rich internal structure, tunable interactions and extremely long coherence times. “Atomtronics” seeks to exploit these and other properties to enable new types of devices with new capabilities that are not possible by simply manipulating charge in current electronics.

The degree of control over atoms now available with ultracold atomic gases enables the construction of atomtronic devices with designer capabilities. In my talk, I will describe atomtronics and the potential capabilities of such devices. I will provide some examples from the ultracold atoms community including my own research on realizing an atomic-gas analog of a SQUID or superconducting quantum interference device.