Quantum Control and Quantum Information Processing in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics


Superconducting quantum circuits are artificial structures with a possibility to design and engineer their key properties in the fabrication phase. In the measurement phase parameters of the superconducting circuits can be in situ tuned. These unique properties have made superconducting circuits to be one of the most promising candidates for realizing quantum computer in solid state. In this talk I will present an overview of main properties of these superconducting devices based on circuit Quantum Electrodynamics (circuit QED) architecture. The essential ingredient of a circuit QED system is strong interaction between two-level quantum electronic circuits (qubits) with single photons stored in high quality on-chip cavities.  The use of on-chip cavity provides two important features for a quantum register: the photon field in the cavity serves as a quantum bus for the qubits and, at the same time, measurement of cavity transmission allows for a complete state reconstruction of a quantum state of all qubits. I will show how these properties allowed us to implement quantum teleportation for the first time in solid state systems. At the end of my talk I will also discuss some promising future experiments with the superconducting nanodevices.