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Chocolate. Microwaves. Rulers. From these, determine the speed of light. Amazingly, you actually can. And they did.

The names of the groups for the evening. Sounds promising...

"Your task is simple..." It never is when those words are uttered.

The first aim is to not eat the chocolate. At least not yet.

"Lab experiment?" "No, just my lunch."

They thought two was better than one. With chocolate that's a tautology.[meaning]

No, there's nothing growing in there...yet.

Everyone always looks busy when the teacher's around.

You can't see it, but there's a small weasel on the table.

Don't stick alfoil in the microwave. Really, we mean it.

The winners! Well they seem happy enough to be the winners, so we'll go with that. Group Annihilation Operators.

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