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Science of Magic

Science was obscured by the magic of the evening, though sometimes the reality-bending tricks were explained.

"We're here and ready... what do you mean it's in another room?"

Now magic is like a cake, you see all the flashy decorations and icing on the outside...

...but it's held up by underlying physics, which is sometimes fun too, just like the inside of a cake.

"Now I've worked long and hard on this evil-genius pose."

"If I pour the water in here..."

"...and switch them around a little so you can't see which is which..."

"...huh... I swear there was water in here a minute ago."

Here's a trick you can all try!

Working on it...

A bit of crowd manipulation in the meantime.

This is turning out to be tricky...

Never has anyone been so pleased to find something up their nose.

Let's see, left over right, then tangle up thumb...oops.

How do you do this thing again?

"I've got some candy for yoouuu...."

"We were not amused by that last picture."

Nearly have it down...

And done! ... Maybe.

The weasel strikes again.

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