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Pi Appreciation

Pi and pie and all sorts of numbers and food were the order of the night, with a large number of people attending the evening.

Welcome to the party, everyone's invited!

Now pi is a serious business at times, so Chris delivered a serious talk about how someone proved it equaled 4.

Vast numbers arrived to give praise to pi. And eat pi-related food of course.

After the serious lecture, the mood was lightened even more with a rousing song about pi.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Afterwards, there was something fascinating going on over there.

One pie...

...Two pies. Both tasty.

Mini pies! Actually cupcakes, but that spoils the pi'ing.

There was excellent security. :P

Not so subtle advertising. :P

Pi is an irrational number. Which means it goes on...

...and on...

...and on. Could have gone further, but that would have been getting silly.

Umm, why does he have a tuning fork? And why does he seem so pleased about it?


The centerpiece pi-shaped cake. Impressive, isn't it?

A vast array of themed food awaited.

Another shot of the food, before it was picked clean by a swarm of surprisingly well behaved students.

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