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Treasure Hunt

Puzzles, clues and quite the final destination.

"All you need is what's on your table" Namely all this stuff.

Or this.

Everyone arriving and forming groups - this took a surprisingly large amount of time, with much infighting over who was going to be where.

Our convenor for the evening, Katy, looking ready to kill the photographer :P

Blue group...

Red group...

Yellow Group...

Green, some of them.

Some of the rest, one looking rather pleased.

"Don't worry, I'm a doctor...."

Why don't you look pleased? You're holding a GIANT GLOWSTICK.

Once given their first clue, teams were off and running...RUNNING, I said.

"Maybe we should check what's in here..."

Working hard on their problem... "It goes there!" "No it doesn't!"

"THERE IT IS!! Grab it before it gets away!"

One of the clues, sans clue bit.

Finally, the roof. And waiting for us...

I think the sudden light was a bit of a surprise.

Celebratory dancing, perhaps?

That looks like a lot of stuff in that bag. No wonder he's so happy to have it.

Everyone eventually reached the roof, making for quite the crowd.

One victim fell to the lightsab...glowsticks, though his body did something funny to the colour...

No, wait, he came through unscathed.

The winners of the evening, Green team.

Organisation for the evening was assisted by the helpers James...

...And Kate.

Full recognition should go to Katy for organising not only the evening, but the glowsticks AND the roof to use them on.

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