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Demo Troupe

There were so many amazing things! Unfortunately, the more impressive stuff destroys cameras, so you get the boring stuff.

Proper safety when doing demonstrations requires the appropriate safety gear, even if it does make you look a bit of a berk... well as not drinking the stuff you're demonstrating. It may look delicious, but a cool drink really isn't worth dying for.

But onto the fun stuff!

Okay, so he was either a) cheating, b) full of hot air, or c) some other gas...

Something large and fluorescent orange is always a warning sign.

"That was an amazingly loud gust of wind!" "But he hasn't used the cannon thing yet!" "...oh dear..."

Want to hear something amazingly loud?

Unfortunately you can't, because they haven't worked out how to get sound into photographs yet.

A large plastic tube with a vacuum pump attached. Whatever could this be used for?

It appears to be broken...

The attempted musical number didn't go over so well.

A neat little trick is that you can inflate a balloon using the power of... cold air?

Bang. With that we mark the disappearance of the third performer to attempt that experiment.

When a strange little man comes near you with a cup of what *might* be water, just smile, laugh and hide behind someone.

Finally, the amazing upside-down water! No, that was not photoshopped in, no matter how suspect it looks.

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