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Liquid N2 Icecream - Part #2

Conventional icecream takes a couple of hours to form. We thought "stuff taking that long" and brought in the really cold gear to reduce that time to a few minutes at most.

The source of all the fun of the evening.

Socialisation was a big part of the evening...

Meeting new people...

Maybe hanging out with people you already know...

...possibly even some arguments over who is nerdier. (that happens sometimes, be afraid)

Fact: Someone *always* wears an interesting/nerdy shirt.

It's a conspiracy!

"Don't tell anyone, but I hear the chemistry labs have this jelly-making machine, would be perfect to go with the icecream..."

"Yay icecream!"

"Aww, no icecream..."

Bepuzzlement over who ate all the pizza.

Reactions to having a camera pointed at you vary.

A bit too much sugar we think.

Mixing Coke with liquid nitrogen had a volcanic effect.
WARNING: Don't try this unless you're prepared to drop the cup in panic and squeal like a little girl. Not that that happened. Just so you know.

How to make a strawberry icecream monster. 1) Find a strawberry. 2) Attend the LN2 Error Bar. Simple.


Some of the other examples people created.

A hint of things to come...

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