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Market Day

Market Day 2009! Hectic and full of strange things to see, do and smell.

Orange! And black.

One of those who mistakenly fell into our trap... uh... joined our wonderful society!

They're perfectly safe, we swear.

See? Perfectly harmless... ignore the worried looks.

Biology, IT and Law students. If you don't do physics at uni, who cares?

Whatever he's doing, it appears amusing.

Asking what we do is perfectly ok, we won't bite. You still seem unconvinced.

There were lots of people signing up or passing through.


We were well prepared though.

Asking directions to all the free stuff on the day was acceptable, but you had to sign up first.

What's going on? Up is down and down is up? Ahhhhhhh...

Lastly, a word from our president on the day: "What are you doing with that camera?"

Oobleck (shear thickening fluid) - Not hazardous if consumed in normal quantities.

Don't stop moving!

See, that's what happens if you do.


A sticky situation.

A sign you might be having just a *bit* too much fun...

Oobleck was mostly created and maintained by members of UQ Demo Troupe, don't try it at home to this scale unless you really like cornflour and a few hundred litres of stuff that goes *gloop*.

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