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Putting the Error into Error Bar!

Stevo's Rotor Copters triggered a campus emergency. 5th August.

First I will make myself beautiful.

And then I will demonstrate the balloon.

It says "open other end".

Driver, please blow into the bag until I say stop.

That's fine thank you driver, no evidence of Bernoulli's Principle.

On the other hand...

The Error Bar was proceeding according to plan when...

"E... VAC... U... ATE... E... VAC... U... ATE..." The mechanised voice said.
So we did, in a dignified manner, as demonstrated by Annette.

Murray is heading North, Reuben is heading South, that's a well coordinated evacuation.
We didn't know it at the time, but Stevo's hair dryer had triggered a fire alarm.

Emergency services attended, complete with flashing lights.
Note: Yellow is flashing in ON mode, Red is flashing in OFF mode.

We never did learn what "Bernoulli" has to do with balloons.

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