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Who? Doctor Who! In UQ 7-222.

Who's on second? No, What's on second, Who's on first! Who's on first? Yes!

Hiding in the shadows at the front are Josh Harbort, Simon Biggs and Cadmann Small.

The colours have gone all funny. Space time problems?

Oh, it's just red shift.

Blue shifted back again, that's better.

Everyone likes their pizza.

Perhaps a bit too much?

The can of drink is a dollar, and that's the brand that Real Men drink.

When Cadmann grows up he wants to be a Time Lord.

Distant relatives of Elwood and Jake Blues?

We joined PAIN and look how happy we are. YOU SHOULD JOIN TOO!

Where did all the pizza go? What? US?

Gotcha! We finally have a photo of Annette to put on the admin web page.

Who's being a grump?

Pizza is Always an Important Nutrient. What's that phone number again?

It's a bit like giant Jenga, coeffient of friction, inertia and center of mass.

Who will dare touch the immense tower of pizza boxes? Discuss. At length.

"I will" says James... like THAT!.

President Ann is delighted.

A box too far. The tower is now metastable.

Everyone gave the night a big thumbs up.

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