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Effects of Ethanol on Motor Control.

PAIN performs an actual scientific experiment, on itself. 28th November.

Is this a famous moment?
Left to right: New Pres Kyle, ex Pres Ann, ex ex ex Pres Kristen, and some dude.

That's not some dude. That's Jye.

Where is the CH3CH2OH?

Mmmmm... Food...

I'll raise you...

The serious testing begins. Kristen and Kyle apply the memory test.

I've forgotten how to do this already.

I don't remember either.

Oh, now I remember, card pairs.

James runs the standard "ruler drop" reaction time test.

Stevo carefully recalibrates his fingers for the next attempt.

David performs a hand eye coordination test using felt pens and squiggly lines.

We'll call him Diligent David.

The job isn't finished until the paperwork is done.

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