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Market Day 23rd February 2011

Photos from Market Day on the Great Court at UQ.

Open for business.

James' favourite colour is orange.

It goes gloop. It goes bloog. It goes squilch. It's back... and it's Oobleck!

I wish I hadn't done that.

Care for a cryogenic Burger Ring Sir? .... What? Is that at -196 Celsius?

Treasurer Reuben looks fashionable in his orange hat.

Secretary Tinos looks fashionable in his... peak wavelength is about 610nm we think.

Webmaster Murrays shirt strobes really well. That's a Moiré pattern.

What kind of fluid is this? Non-Newtonian? Thixotropic? Viscoplastic?.

Ah... It's shear thickening fluid! It's viscosity is time independent.

Dr Stevo had a good time.

We all had a great day.

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