2013 In PAIN.

Summary of our news, antics and general mayhem for 2013.

Full Listing of PAIN News and Events for 2013:

Wrapping up 2012:
  • Happy Next Orbit. Formal activities have concluded for 2012. We will be back in 2013 with the shiny new exec putting even more errors into the Error Bars, more Phun into the Physics, and more pizza into the slices. Hint: Ours is the third one out.
  • Archive of PAIN activities for 2012 can be found here: News, Physics and Phun Mailing List Physics Illustrated Error Bar List
  • Exec contact details: Your exec for 2013 is President Carolyn Wood (she of social convenor fame from 2012), Treasurer Henry Nourse and Secretary Cait Adams. Social convenors for 2013 are Ben Duffus and Geoff Bonning. Email the team at <pain-exec@lists.sps.uq.edu.au> or look at the admin page.

  • 12th January:
  • Happy Next Orbit! 2013 has arrived, and it begins with a double dose of cosmology.
  • A Universe from Nothing, Wed 20th Feb. Internationally known theoretical physicist Prof Lawrence Krauss from Arizona State University will deliver this talk, Abel Smith Building #23, Auditorium 1, 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start. This lecture will go for one hour. Click here to register. Fully Booked!
  • The Accelerating Universe, Thur 21st Feb. 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof Brian Schmidt will deliver this talk, Raybould Lecture Theatre 1 Building #50, Room T203, 12:30 to 1:30 PM. Click here to register. The pic is here.

  • 14th February:
  • Market day - Wednesday 20th February. Come visit the PAIN stall, usually located not far from Parnell. Join or renew your membership for just $2. What can you get for $2 these days? PAIN membership is what you can get! Volunteers are also required to man the stall. Please contact the exec if you are able to help, email <pain-exec@lists.sps.uq.edu.au>.
  • Carolyn's Latex tutorial - Friday 22nd February. This tutorial will be held in 7-209 (long lab) 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Latex is a computer typesetting and document formatting language, and is a defacto standard in science. Create good looking documents without Microsoft Office. Bring your own laptop and get Latex software installed.

  • 21st February:
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Fri 1st March: This is the first error bar for the year. The new exec and social convenors will be introduced, and PAIN's plans for the year will be discussed. The ice cream will be cold, the people will be friendly, and fun will be had! 7-208, ΦTR, 5:00 PM Friday 1st March. The pic is here.
  • Free BBQ for 1st year students Wed 6th March: Welcome to UQ and PAIN! Come and have a free sausage with us, 10:30 to 2:30, "Grassy Knoll", outside Duhig library. Meet the PAIN team for 2013! The pic is here.

  • 26th February:
  • ILLEGIBLE HANDWRITING? If you joined PAIN on Market Day and have NOT received an email from Prez Carolyn welcoming you to the club, it is because we could not decipher your handwriting. If you are in this category please email the exec and we will add you to the mailing list.

  • 26th February:
  • Now twice as social! PAIN's team of Social Convenors has now doubled with the addition of Iulia Popa-Mateiu and Josh Melsom. Email the team or find them on the admin page.

  • 6th March:
  • BIG WEDNESDAY 6th: This Wednesday, that's TODAY, PAIN is hosting a BBQ at the Grassy Knoll (outside Duhig library), 10:30 to 2:30! First year students get a free sausage, but all are welcome. Meet the PAIN team for 2013! If that isn't enough, 5:00PM, Forgan Smith, E107, we will be showing "Decay", the zombie movie which was filmed at CERN. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Pizza and soft drinks will be available afterwards. (Run time is 75 minutes.) The pic is here.
  • Error Bar for Friday 8th is logic puzzles, board games, riddles and other exciting ways to test your wits, Parnell 7-302 5:00PM Friday the 8th. Pizza and soft drinks will be available afterwards.

  • 11th March:
  • Error Bar for Friday 15th is PI appreciation: (Ok, 3.14 was Thursday but...) Celebrate pi, bring pi themed pie or other food, recite pi to many digits, and generally have 3.141592653589793 related fun. This happens in the tea room, ΦTR, Parnell 7-302 at 5:00PM, and will be followed by a screening of the documentary "The Singularity" in 7-302. Info on the movie is here: http://thesingularityfilm.com/the-film/

  • 16th March:
  • What does a physicist do? Wed 20th March: PAIN invites you to a talk, Wednesday 20th March 5:00PM 7-234. We will have a theoretical, experimental, observational and computational physicist on hand to tell you what physicists do every day. There will be pizza afterwards, and the opportunity to chat with our guest speakers. (Ahhh! This is what a physicist does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy8EsHZr6DI)

  • 18th March:
  • Stirling engine Error Bar, Fri 22nd March: This Friday, build a working Stirling engine. Thermodynamics + a soft drink can + bits and pieces can be used to build an actual working engine. Commence 5:00PM Friday 22nd March, 7-208, ΦTR, to be accompanied by pizza and soft drink. Here is one we prepared earlier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7dNb4G77Jk

  • 24th March:
  • Sagan and Feynman videos, Tue 26th: PAIN and UQ skeptics invite you to a screening of some Carl Sagan Cosmos, and Richard Feynman lectures, to be held on Tuesday 26th March, 5:00~7:00PM, 42-115. That's a shiny new lecture theatre in refurbished Prentice.
  • Lunacy on Thur 28th, 5:00PM: This Thursday PAIN is screening the Sci-fi drama "Moon", 7-326, 5:00PM.
    Trailer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twuScTcDP_Q
    IMDB is here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1182345/

  • 8th April:
  • Trivia night this Friday 12th! This Friday is the most trivial Error Bar of the semester. Yes that's right, it's Stevo's Trivia! Q: Will Stevo arrive on time? A: We think so. Q: Will fun be had? A: You betcha! Q: Will there be pizza and cans of soft drink at $1.00 each? A: Always. 7-326, 5:00PM, Friday 12th. Don't let this happen to you. The pic is here. Note incorrect date (Josh!).

  • 12th April:
  • Build an electronic gizmo, Friday 19th: The error bar this Friday is building an electronic gizmo, a Theremin. This a weird musical instrument invented by Lev Sergeyevich Termen (Westernised: Léon Theremin), who also did work for the KGB bugging foreign embassies during the cold war. You will use real electronic components, a real soldering iron, and real solder containing real lead. (Ummm... real lead!) WASH HANDS! Pizza and cans of soft drink will be available at $1.00 each afterwards. 7-208, 5:00PM, Friday 19th. BYO cat. (NO, DON'T. Really, don't bring a cat.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbpq5CI_w5g

  • 22nd April:
  • Friday 26th, trip to the cinema to see Ironman III: For something different, this week’s Errorbar will be off-campus as we head to the Southbank cinemas to see Ironman III. We currently have a poll running on our Facebook page where members can vote for the 2D or 3D session (either way it will be at around 6.15pm this Friday). We will meet at the tea-room around 5pm and then head down to the UQ Lake’s Bus stop to catch a lift into Southbank. Regarding tickets, it is unlikely anyone will be able to purchase tickets at the session so we are going to pre-order tickets. This means you are welcome to purchase your own ticket, when you find out what session we are going to. For people who can't purchase their own, we will purchase one for you. You need to see one of the EXECUTIVES, so Carolyn, Henry, or Cait, (who will most likely be in the Tea Room) and pay them and they will write you a receipt for the ticket amount. We will also take your name down to keep a list of people we purchased tickets for. Or email Henry at: hnourse@gmail.com, and he will take care of your ticket. Note that we need to wait to see what session we are going to before you can purchase tickets. Further announcements wil be made on the PAIN mailing list. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke1Y3P9D0Bc

  • 24th April:
  • UPDATED! Friday 26th, trip to the cinema to see Ironman III: The results from our Facebook poll are in and it has been unanimously decided that we will be going to the 6.15pm 2D session of Ironman III at Southbank cinemas. You can pre-purchase your own ticket online or come see Carolyn, Cait, or Henry and they will purchase a ticket for you (in exchange for money). PAIN is holding a sausage sizzle at the top of Cooper’s Road on Wednesday, so you can purchase tickets (and sausages) then or otherwise you can probably find one of the three musketeers in the Physics Tea Room during the day. Alternately you can email Henry at: hnourse@gmail.com, and he will take care of your ticket. Hope to see you there! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke1Y3P9D0Bc

  • 29th April:
  • Friday 3rd May, Explosions & Holograms. Do you like explosions? Have you ever wanted to create a hologram? If so then this week’s Errorbar is for you! The theme of this week is Microwaves & Holograms which entails: testing the speed of light, seeing what happens when things (that shouldn’t be put in microwaves) get nuked in a microwave, and finally drawing your own hologram (which you can then cherish forever and show to your grandchildren). It will all be kicking off at 5pm this Friday (3rd May) in the Physics Tearoom. Hope to see you there! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ivYqToCLQ

  • 6th May:
  • Friday 10th May, Time Travel FAQ: This week’s Errorbar we will kicking our feet up and watching the British Comedy Frequently asked Questions About Time Travel [don’t worry, it’s not too educational]. ;) The movie will be shown at 5pm this Friday (10th May) in Parnell (Bld 7) lecture theatre Rm 222. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6SVDNQmyA4

  • 16th May:
  • Friday 17th May, Demotroupe! Unfortunately our clown has injured their back and will be out of action this week. So instead this week we will be entertained by UQ’s famous Demo Troupe in Parnell 222 at 5pm.
  • Friday 17th May, Join the Circus! This week’s Error Bar is all about Circus Physics! Come along and learn to juggle or ride a unicycle (you might accidently learn something too!). We will meet as usual at the Physics Tea-Room at 5pm on Friday. CANCELLED! You can still watch the vid's though!

  • 20th May:
  • Friday 24th May, undergrad / honours lab: For this week’s Errorbar you have the opportunity to hear about some of amazing research being undertaken by undergraduate and honours students at UQ in a series of short presentations. This is a great chance to get ideas for the future or simply to learn about something new. The talks start at 5pm this Friday (24th May) and will be held in Parnell (Building 7) Room 222. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z83fHRjnNAg

  • 27th May:
  • Friday 31st May, Statistics (sort of): If you consider yourself lucky or a statistical genius then come and prove it at PAIN’s Gambling Night this Friday (31st May). The Error bar commences at 5pm, Parnell 7-208 Tea Room, and will include games such as poker, blackjack, backgammon and many more! P.S. We will only be gambling with confectionary (provided by PAIN). Don’t try this at home!

  • 3rd June:
  • 5th June, Study Day: We're running our Study Day on Wednesday of SWOTVAC (this Wednesday, 5th June), and all physics students are invited (so invite your non-PAIN member friends!). Turn up from 9am - 4pm to Rooms S301 and S302 in Heartley Teakle (Building 83) and study to your heart's content, grab some lunch, and get your questions answered. Lecturers will be dropping in at various times through the day. Here is the schedule:

    PHYS1171 - Tim - 10am-11am, Margaret 11am-12pm
    PHYS1001 - Matt - 10am-11am, Michael - 11am-12pm
    PHYS1002 - Margaret - 11am-12pm
    PHYS2020 - David - 10am
    PHYS2055 - Tim - 10am-11am
    PHYS2020 - Joel - 2pm-3pm
    PHYS1002 - Warwick - 1pm-2pm
    PHYS1002 - Ian - 2pm-3pm

    If you are a tutor for any of these courses, or a helpful senior student, you are welcome to come and help! PAIN will also be putting on pizza for lunch from 12pm - 1pm in the Physics Tea Room, and the labs will be open during this time for students to pick up lab reports.

  • 21st July:
  • Coming out of hibernation...
  • Call for volunteers, Wed 24th: If you are available to help PAIN on Market Day Wednesday 24th please contact club exec or leave a message on the Facebook page. Volunteers are required to assist setup, 8:00AM to 9:00AM, to man the stall 10:00AM to 2:00PM, and to cleanup afterwards from 2:00PM onwards.
  • Market Day Wed 24th: Come and visit us on Market Day! Join PAIN, renew your membership or just say hello. Find us somewhere near Parnell building.

  • 22nd July:
  • Error Bar for this Friday 26th: Welcome to second semester 2013! We all know it can be hard getting back into study mode, so why not have a bit of fun this Friday (26th July) at PAIN’s Scavenger Hunt starting at 5pm. We’ll be meeting at the Physics Tearoom (7-208, ΦTR) before selecting teams and heading off on an epic adventure. Hope to see you there!
    How good are you at the art of deduction?

  • 29th July:
  • Error Bar for this Friday 2nd: Feeling particularly insightful or just like to have a good chat? Then come to our Physics related “Deep and Meaningful” Errorbar this Friday (2nd August) starting at 5pm in the Physics Tea-room (7-208, ΦTR)! This is a chance to philosophise and imagine what the future might hold with other brilliant minds as we contemplate some of the “big questions” facing modern science. Hope to see you there!

  • 8th Aug:
  • Error Bar for this Friday 9th: We all know that you love science but I bet that you love a good storey too. Combing the best of the from the imaginative and creative world of fiction and the logical nature of science, PAIN brings to you this week’s Errorbar: Sci-Fi movie night! There is currently a poll running on our Facebook page (if you haven’t already joined the hottest group on Facebook then just search for “UQ Physics Society – PAIN” and ask to join the group) to determine what we will be watching, so if you want your opinion to be heard then make sure you head over and vote. We’re still waiting for confirmation on which room we will be in, so we will meet at the Physics Tea-room (7-208, ΦTR) this Friday (9th August) at 5pm and it can be a surprise. Hope to see you there!

  • 9th Aug:
  • Advance info: Physics Poetry Friday 30th: The Error Bar for Friday 30th August will be Physics poetry (and pictionary and jokes). Now is the time to start writing that epic physics poem! (I had a piece of copper wire...) To get the idea, have a look at what we did in previous years, click here or here. (It carried too much current and caught on fire...)

  • 12th Aug:
  • Lab Tours, Error Bar for this Friday 16th: Ever wanted to play with lasers or things with the word “super” in them? Then experimental physics might just be for you! For a guided tour inside some of the world leading laboratories here at UQ, come to our Errorbar this Friday (16th August) at 5pm. We will meet in the Tea Room (7-208, ΦTR) before splitting up into groups to see the different labs.

  • 14th Aug:
  • Carolyn's LaTeX tutorial: Pres Carolyn's acclaimed LaTeX tutorial is now available for download from the science page here.
  • IMPORTANT! Lab Tours OHS: Just a quick reminder that for the PAIN lab tours this Friday standard laboratory attire rules apply and everybody needs to wear closed in shoes (no shoes, no tour) and also you will need to remove all watches and rings before entering the labs. If you have any other questions, please ask the exec.

  • 21st Aug:
  • Unphysics Careers Error Bar Friday 23rd: Physics is awesome, we all know this. But feeling awed isn't the same thing as working as a physics researcher, and for some of us, that kind of work just isn't what we want to do. If you like physics, but don't (necessarily) want to do it, don't worry! PAIN has organised speakers to come and talk to you about how their physics major still led them to where they are today, and how they love what they do. We've got folks from education, statistics, journalism, and medical physics coming on Friday (Aug. 23rd), with the potential for a few more. Each speaker will present for 10-15 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of question time. If you don't get to ask your question then, don't worry! We'll be having mingling over pizza afterwards, so stick around! Parnell 7-302, 5:00PM. If you have any further questions, please ask the club exec. Hope to see you there! Further details are on the events page, here: facebook.com/events/560398994007821

  • 24th Aug:
  • Astrocamp: 6th-8th September! The date for Astrocamp has been set for 6th-8th September. To sign up fill in the form here. The date conflicts with the Federal election. Information is available on early polling centers here, or postal voting here. Some general information on Astrocamp, including maps on how to get there, is available here. Specific information on Astrocamp 2013 will be provided separately. Enquiries should be directed to painuq@gmail.com. Further announcements will be made to the PAIN mailing list and on this page.
  • Astrocamp 2013 is sponsored by a grant from University of Queensland Office of Undergraduate Education. Additional information on these grants can be found here.

  • 26th Aug:
  • Error Bar Friday 30th, Physics Phun: There is a lot on offer at this week’s Errorbar before we take a 2 week break from Errorbars for this year’s Astrocamp and Science Ball. Show off you poetry skills (don’t worry, there is also a prize for worst poem!) and make everyone laugh (or cringe) in our Physics Poetry and Physics Jokes competitions! We recommended you start writing ASAP but if poetry and/or jokes aren’t your thing we will also be running Physics Pictionary. Things kick off in the Physics Tea-room (7-208, ΦTR) at 5pm. So get writing and remember, the ‘f’ in physics is for funny!

  • 30th Aug:
  • Science Ball 13th Sept: The Science Ball is coming up. We are hosting it this year jointly with SUSS (the Science Undergraduate Students' Society). The Ball is a great way to round out the year (or your degree!) and catch up with people in a social setting. Here are the major details:
    - DATE: Friday 13th September
    - VENUE: Lightspace, 30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley
    - Dress Code: Guys- Black Tie; Gals- Cocktail.
    - BALL ONLY: $85 (members)/ $90 (non-members) (First 100 Tickets)
    - AFTERPARTY: $10
    - BALL+AFTER PARTY: $90 (members)/$95 (non-members) (1st 100 Tix)
    There is a Facebook event for it: http://www.facebook.com/events/206775422818217/ Where there is a link for ticket purchase. Alternately, you can pay in person. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask a PAIN Exec or Social Convener, or any SUSS Exec!

  • 1st Sept:
  • Astronomy talk 2nd Sept: Next weekend is Astro Camp, and, to give you a taste of what you might see while we're away, we have a speaker coming in, just for us.
    - Who: Tony Samson (Member of the Brisbane Astronomical Society)
    - What: Talking about astronomy, particularly what we might see next weekend, and answering all your questions!
    - Where: Physiology Lecture Theatre 63-358
    - When: 5pm, Monday 2nd September (This Monday!)
    Whether you are coming to Astro Camp, or simply interested in hearing about some astronomy, you're more than welcome to come along! We'll also be able to take payment for Astro Camp, and answer any questions you may have about the weekend away.

  • 3rd Sept:
  • Tearoom unavailable, 4:00-7:00PM, Thur 12th Sept: The Parnell Physics Tea-room (7-208, ΦTR), will be in use by the UQ Classics & Ancient History Society (with the blessing of UQ Physics and PAIN) during this period. Please find somewhere else to congregate (and integrate... and differentiate...) during this period.

  • 5th Sept:
  • Dr Karl K @ UQ, 4:30PM Fri 6th Sept: If you aren't going to Astro Camp, hear Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki speak, "Planets, Particles and Pitchdrops", tomorrow, Friday 6th at 4:30-6:30PM, 49-200, in the auditorium in UQ's Advanced Engineering Building! Further info is here. To register phone 3365 4547 or email science.events@uq.edu.au.

  • 18th Sep:
  • Movie Night "Contact" Fri 20th: After 3 long weeks it is time for PAIN to return to a regular errorbar event. This is coinciding with the time in semester where everyone probably is in need a relaxing night in. So join PAIN for a movie night with Contact, that's 5pm this Friday 20th. We also have room 326 in the Parnell building booked so feel free to meet us there if not the Tea Room (7-208, ΦTR).

  • 23th Sep:
  • Get Recaffeinated! Coffee Crawl Fri 27th: This Friday 27th we're gonna do a cafe crawl. This essentially entails investigating what fuels a vast majority of physicists ability to get through the plethora of work they're bombarded with. You might be thinking that I mean coffee, but we all have our different poisons, and in my case it's cake! What better way to examine this than to delve into Brisbane's prominent cafe establishments. We'll be kicking off at Ltd Espresso in Fortitude Valley for the ultimate coffee fix. If that doesn't sound like it will wake you up, we're next heading to the Noosa Chocolate Factory in the city. We'll likely have a food break, and then head into The Three Monkeys in West End.
    We'll be meeting at 5PM promptly-ish in the physics Tea Room (7-208, ΦTR). So, if you already know your catalyst, come join us! If not, come and we'll try to help you find it.

  • 7th Oct:
  • Brisbane Planetarium, Sat 12th: In our first error bar back from "break", PAIN will be visiting the Brisbane Planetarium for their Saturday Night 'Live' presentation (awesome visuals of flying through the solar system, and to the edge of the galaxy, guided by the planetarium's astronomers), and a viewing through their telescope to look at it all for real. It'll be a bit of a change from regular error bars in that we'll be going on a Saturday (12th of October), hence the name of the show, so you'll need to meet in the tea room (7-208, ΦTR) at 4:45PM for a strict 5:00PM departure. Three of the executive have offered their driving services, so get there early to pick your favourite! There will not be an error bar that Friday (11th of October). And if you're worried about the cost, PAIN is covering the visit. We only have room for 11 though, so make sure you get in quick. If you'd like to go, please fill in the form here: http://tinyurl.com/nc4956t.

  • 11th Oct:
  • IMPORTANT! Annual General Meeting Fri 25th: PAIN will hold it's Annual General Meeting for 2013 on Friday 25th October. The important club business is to elect a new exec for 2014. This is your opportunity to nominate someone, be nominated, vote or be voted for. Please attend of possible! Would you like to be President, Secretary or Treasurer? The AGM will be held at 4:00PM on Friday 25th October, in a room which will be advised shortly (but probably in Parnell building).

  • 14th Oct:
  • Build a Cloud Chamber Fri 18th: For this week's Error Bar (our second last of the year!) we're getting back to some experimenting. We're going to make a cloud chamber! Cloud chambers are a great way to see radioactive particles in action. We take a vapour of supersaturated alcohol, cool it right down, and watch as highly energetic radioactive particles condense the vapour into cloud as they pass through. It's fun and educational! (Edutainment?) So it's 5pm, Friday 18th, Physics Tea Room, 7-208, ΦTR.
    Like this!

  • 21st Oct:
  • Friday 25th "Alcohol" Error Bar: Our final Error Bar for 2013 is at 5:00pm, after the AGM, Friday this week. This will involve testing how alcohol (provided by us!) affects motor control. You absolutely MUST bring your drivers license. I will be serving the alcohol, and I will refuse you if you cannot show me this. Your Student ID will not suffice! This event is a chance for everyone to relax at the end of semester and hang out, even if you're underage! Please contact me directly at caitlin.adams@uqconnect.edu.au if you have any questions about the event. So it's 5pm, Friday 18th, Physics Tea Room, 7-208, ΦTR.
  • Study Day Wed 30th: Study Day is on again, Wednesday of SWOTVAC (30th) from 9am til 4pm in rooms C415 and C416 in Hartley Teakle (that's building 83). The day is for 1st and 2nd year physics students to come along and study, but we will also have some lecturers dropping in at various times during the day, and will be providing lunch for you. We are also looking at having an opportunity to collect any remaining assignments. Please note this may not be the final schedule - we will send another email early next week. If you're on Facebook, however, please make your way to the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1404602766439751/ to keep up to date with any changes, and invite any 1st and 2nd year students you know!

    10am PHYS2040 - Simon
    11am PHYS2040 - Austin
    12pm Lunch
    1pm PHYS1002 - David C
    2pm PHYS1171 - Tim
    3pm PHYS1171 - Margaret

    We are aware that some courses aren't listed - keep your ears open for news about anything that might be scheduled on a different day. Finally: if you tutor any of these courses we would love to have you along!

  • 25th Oct:
  • UPDATE! The AGM will be held in Parnell room 204: So it's 4:00PM, Friday 25th October, Parnell 7-204. Please attend of possible.

  • 19th Nov:
  • End of year: Formal PAIN activities have concluded for 2013. We will be back in 2014 with all the usual antics and mayhem! Watch this web page, or the facebook page, or subscribe to the mailing list here for updates.
  • AGM 2013: The Annual General Meeting was held on 25th October, and the new exec was elected. Your exec for 2014 is: President Laurie Opperman, Treasurer Geoff Kahl, and Secretary, Josh York. Support the new exec! Team PAIN may be contacted by email here.
  • Call for volunteers! PAIN still needs Social Convenors for 2014. If you would like to assist the club in organising and leading error bars, please make yourself known to the exec here.

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