PAIN's annual astronomy field trip.

Astrocamp General Information:

Every year PAIN conducts Astrocamp, a field study trip for astronomy. This page provides general and historical information. More specific information, arrangements in any given year, will be provided separately by the club exec.

Astrocamp is hosted by the Brisbane Astronomical Society, and is held at Stanley River Environmental Education Center (previously "Field Study Center") on lake Somerset just South of Kilcoy. SREEC is a good dark skies site for astronomy, and is about an hour and a half drive from Brisbane. Typically PAIN departs UQ on Friday afternoon, spends Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night at SREEC, then returns to Brisbane on Sunday morning. This provides 2 nights of astronomy, and Saturday for other activities. Additional information on Astrocamps generally can be found on the BAS website. SREEC is a QLD government facility, and rules, inventory, what you must bring, can be found on their website. This is important, eg bring toilet paper!

Brisbane Astronomical Society Stanley River Environmental Education Center

The map:
  • SREEC, near the town of Hazeldean, is approximately 11km South of Kilcoy. This map shows driving directions from Brisbane.

  • Turnoff to SREEC:
  • In the past some people have had difficulty identifying the turnoff for SREEC. This diagram was derived from satellite imagery. Click here to report any inaccuracies.

  • SREEC Site Plan:
  • Here is the layout of the SREEC site, with important buildings and locations labelled. Click here to report any inaccuracies or to suggest improvements to the diagram.

  • The above 3 diagrams can bedownloaded in pdf form here.

  • SREEC Facilities:
  • The Stanley River facility is an old school that has been converted, and features bunk style accomodation, a modern well equipped kitchen, and a recreation room with TV and VCR.

  • Astrocamp 2013:
  • Astrocamp 2013 was held on the 6th to 8th September. A photo gallery can be found here. Astrocamp was sponsored in part by a grant from University of Queensland Office of Undergraduate Education. Additional information on these grants can be found here.

  • Astrocamp 2012:
  • Astrocamp 2012 was held on the 17thto 19th August.

  • Astrocamp 2011:
  • Astrocamp 2011 was held on 6th to 8th May. A photo gallery can be found here.

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