The Archive.

Old club material, all of it, the bits we could find anyway.

  The Archive  

Error Bar list and other material, year by year.


  • 24th Feb - Market Day
  • 11th Mar - Welcome to PAIN errorbars
  • 18th Mar - Board and card games
  • 24th Mar - Movie Night - 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 7th Apr - Women in Physics
  • 15th Apr - LN2 Icecream
  • 29th Apr - Physics Trivia Night
  • 6th May - Movie Night: Dune
  • 13th May - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • 20th May - Stress Less
  • 5th Aug - Pizza and Games: Semester 2 Welcome
  • 19th Aug - Movie Night: The Martian
  • 20th Aug - PLanetarium Excursion
  • 26th Aug - Demo Troupe
  • 2nd-4th Sep - AstroCamp
  • 9th Sep - Trivia Night
  • 23rd Sep - Movie Night: The Theory of Everything
  • 7th Oct - Boardgames
  • 14th Oct - Physics Art and Poetry Evening
  • 21st Oct - Poker Night
  • 3rd Nov - Study Day

2014 and 2015 are missing.


  • 20th Feb - Market Day
  • 22nd Feb - LaTeX Tutorial
  • 1st Mar - Error Bar: LN2 Ice Cream
  • 6th Mar - BBQ (Fundraising + Welcome for 1st Year Physics students)
  • 6th Mar - Movie: Decay
  • 8th Mar - Error Bar: Board Games and Logic Puzzles
  • 15th Mar - Error Bar: Pi Appreciation Day + Doco: The Singularity
  • 20th Mar - Talk Night: What Does a Physicist Do?
  • 22nd Mar - Error Bar: Build a Stirling Engine
  • 26th Mar - Sagan & Feynman Night with UQ Skeptics
  • 28th Mar - Movie: Moon
  • 12th Apr - Error Bar: Stevo's Trivia Night
  • 19th Apr - Error Bar: Build a Theremin
  • 24th Apr - BBQ (Fundraising)
  • 26th Apr - Movie: Ironman III
  • 3rd May - Microwaves and Holograms
  • 10th May - Movie: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
  • 12th May - Laser Tag with SUSS
  • 17th May - Error Bar: UQ Demo Troupe
  • 24th May - Error Bar: Talks from Honours & Research Students
  • 31st May - Error Bar: Gambling Night
  • 5th Jun - PAIN Study Day
  • 24th Jul - Market Day
  • 26th Jul - Error Bar: Scavenger Hunt
  • 2nd Aug - Error Bar: Deep and Meaningful Physics
  • 9th Aug - Movie: Gattaca
  • 16th Aug - Error Bar: Lab Tours
  • 23rd Aug - Error Bar: Unphysics - Careers for the physics student who doesn't (necessarily) want to be a physicist
  • 30th Aug - Error Bar: Physics Poetry Night + Pictionary
  • 2nd Sep - Talk from Brisbane Astronomical Society - What to expect at Astro Camp
  • 6th - 8th Sep - Astro Camp
  • 13th Sep - Science Ball (joint hosted with SUSS)
  • 2th Sep - Movie: Contact
  • 27th Sep - CafĂ© Crawl
  • 12th Oct - Planetarium Night
  • 18th Oct - Error Bar: Cloud Chamber
  • 25th Oct - Error Bar: Blood Alcohol Content vs Motor Control
  • 30th Oct - Study Day
2013 In PAIN


  • 2nd March: Liquid Nitrogen Icecream
  • 9th March: Physics Pictionary
  • 16th March: (approx=) PI Day
  • 30th March: Putting things in a Microwave Oven, and DIY Hologram
  • 20th April: Lab Tours
  • 4th May: Dr Stevo's Trivia Night
  • 18th May: Build your own Stirling Engine
  • 3rd August: Build a working FM transmitter
  • 17th-19th August: Astrocamp!
  • 24th August: Documentary Night: "Can We Make A Star on Earth", and "Cosmos #1"
  • 31st August: Measuring the speed of light
  • 7th September: Documentary Night: "The Planets"
  • 5th October: Murray's Trivia Night
  • 12th October: David Barry, "Doing Ethics With Numbers", the science of donating to charity
  • 26th October: Finale Error Bar for 2012, Good Movie but Bad Physics "The Avengers"
2012 In PAIN
2012 Physics Illustrated #1
2012 Mailing List


  • 4th March: Liquid Nitrogen Icecream
  • 11th March: Ig Nobel Prizes
  • 18th March: PI Day
  • 25th March: Aeronautics
  • 1nd April: Medicine of House MD
  • 8th April: Cam... Camp... Campan... Bell Ringing
  • 15th April: Stevo's Trivia
  • 6th-8th May: Astrocamp
  • 13th May: Game Theory
  • 20th May: Scavenger/Treasure-ish Hunt
  • 27th May: Dodgy Physics Movie
  • 29th July: The Biggs, the Small and the Hairy of Doctor Who
  • 5th July: Annette's Mastermind and World Domination
  • 12th August: Physics Poetry Night
  • 19th August: Stevo's Trivia
  • 26th August: Stevo's Rotor 'Copters
  • 2rd September: Reubens Youtube Physics Videos
  • 9th September: President Ann's iGEM Team UQ
  • 16th September: Fermi Maths and Mental Maths
  • 23th September: PAINsters vs Gravity - Indoor Rock Climbing
  • 7th October: Physics vs Maths vs Earth Sciences Soccer
  • 14th October: Measure the Speed of Light - Mobile 'Phones and Faraday Cages
  • 21nd October: Dodgy Physics Movie
  • 28th October: Experimental, Effects of Alcohol on Motor Control
Advertising Graphics
Physics & Phun
News & Announcements
Physics Illustrated #1
Physics Illustrated #2
Mailing List


  • 5th March: Liquid Nitrogen Icecream
  • 12th March: Microwave Error Bar
  • 19th March: Bell Ringing
  • 26th March: Aeronautics
  • 2nd April: Aliens
  • 9th April: Trivia
  • 16th April: Butcher Paper / World Domination
  • 14th May: Physics Pictionary
  • 21st May: Construction Challenge
  • 28th May: Physics Poetry
  • 4th June: Bad Physics Movie
  • 30th July: Extreme Physics
  • 6th August: Treasure Hunt
  • 13th August: Strange Science
  • 20th August: Mouse Trap Cars
  • 27th August: Trivia
  • 3rd September: Space
  • 10th September: Panel
  • 17th September: Ignobel Awards
  • 24th September: Movie Physics
  • 8th October: Game Theory
  • 15th October: Atomic Power Has Its Finest Hour
  • 22nd October: The real deal with alcohol!
  • 29th October: Bad Physics Movie


  • Liquid Nitrogen Icecream
  • Pi Appreciation Party
  • Demo Show
  • The Scientific Method
  • Creationism On Trial
  • Trivia
  • Superheroes
  • Rocket Science
  • Movie Outing: Star Trek
  • Talk: Fractals
  • Student Presentations: Electromagnetism
  • Bad Movie Physics I: Galaxy Quest
  • Non-Newtonian Fluids
  • Construction Challenge
  • Microwaves
  • Poetry Night
  • Demoscene
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Historical Linguistics, Evolutionary Biology and YOU!
  • The Light Fantastic
  • Physics Pictionary
  • Lab Tour
  • Diseases featured on House M.D.


  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Pi Day Celebration
  • Mouse-trap Cars
  • Bell Ringing
  • Experiments
  • History of A.I.
  • Trivia
  • Music
  • Treasure Hunt
  • 101 Things you shouldn't put in a Microwave
  • Bad Movie Physics I
  • Liquid Nitrogen 2
  • Pseudoscience
  • Elections
  • Theremin
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Astronomy
  • Patterns
  • Poetry Night
  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • Science Of Magic
  • US Election
  • Honours Error Bar
  • Bad Movie Physics II


  • 2nd March: Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream
  • 9th March: Treasure Hunt
  • 16th March: Bell Ringing
  • 23rd March: Water Purity
  • 30th March: The History of Physics
  • 20th April: Electoral Systems
  • 27th April: Gambling
  • 4th May: Sound Temperament
  • 11th May: Nuclear Power
  • 18th May: Who Wants To Be A Physicist?
  • 25th May: Butcher's Paper Error Bar
  • 1st June: Movie - Black Hole
  • 27th July: Trivia Night
  • 3rd August: Physics of Boomerangs & Didgeridoos
  • 10th August: Treasure Hunt
  • 17th August: Translation Squared
  • 24th August: Language Acquisition
  • 31st August: Honours Error Bar
  • 7th September: New Ideas On The Universe
  • 14th September: Poetry Night
  • 21st September: Intellectual Property and You!
  • 5th October: MacGuyver Physics
  • 12th October: Physics Tonight
  • 19th October: Election Error Bar
  • 26th October: Movie - Cypher

2004, 2005, and 2006 are missing.
We don't know where they are... or when.


  • 7th March: Beyond the Fridge Magnet / The Physics of Mass Distraction
  • 14th March: Liquid Nitrogen Icecream
  • 21st March: Anti Gravity / Trivia
  • 28th March: Physics Schmysics
  • 4th April: Cosmology
  • 11th April: Brisbane Astronomical Society OGM: Black Holes
  • 9th May: Raiding the Past: Physics and Maths in Ancient Civilizations
  • 16th May: The Physics of Flight
  • 23rd May: Game Theory and The Prisoner's Dilemma
  • 30th May: Bees!
  • 6th June: The Physics of Swing Dancing
  • 1st August: Frisbees
  • 8th August: Fizzy Drinks
  • 15th August: Champagne
  • 22nd August: The Mayne Inheritance
  • 29th August: Fireworks
  • 5th September: Psychological Physics
  • 12th September: Jokes


  • 8th March: Construction
  • 15th March: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • 22nd March: Physics of Music
  • 12th April: Scavenger Hunt
  • 19th April: Maths and... ORIGAMI!
  • 26th April: Physics board games
  • 3rd May: Physics of flight
  • 10th May: Slime and Bubbles
  • 17th May: Biophysics
  • 24th May: Visual Illusions
  • 31st May: Treasure Hunt
  • 2nd August: Sideshow Alley
  • 9th August: Sideshow Alley Capers II: The Error Bar goes on the Road
  • 16th August: Happy Birthday Liz
  • 23rd August: The Senses: Touch
  • 23rd August: The Senses: Taste
  • 30th August: The Senses: Sight
  • 6th September: The Senses: Hearing
  • 13th September: The Senses: Smell
  • 20th September: The Casimir Effect
  • 27th September: Quantum Teleportation
  • 11th October: The Ig Nobel Prizes
  • 18th October: Honours Error Bar
  • 25th October: Photography
  • 1st November: Physics Poetry Competition Greek Night


  • 9th March: Pitch Drop Party
  • 16th March: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • 30th March: How YOU can find the man/woman of your dreams!
  • 6th April: Eggcelent Error Bar
  • 27th April: Soccer Physics vs Maths
  • 4th May: Chess Competition
  • 11th May: Catapults and Trebuchets
  • 18th May: Bet you can't
  • 1st June: Mystery Error Bar
  • 3rd August: The Error Bar of Truth
  • 17th August: Good News Week
  • 31st August: Sonoluminescence
  • 7th September: Amanda's EB
  • 14th September: Honours
  • 21st September: EB Rejigged
  • 5th October: Tumbling Toast
  • 12th October: Complex Maths in the "Real World"
  • 19th October: Physics Museum and ViSAC Tour
  • 26th October: Black Hole Greek Night


  • 18th February: The Physics of Unicycling
  • 25th February: "Someone should blow microwaves up!"
  • 3rd March: Physics Charades
  • 10th March: Quantum Cryptography
  • 17th March: St Patrick's Day Special
  • 24th March: The Millennium Clock
  • 31st March: Tia Maria
  • 14th April: Roswell, Here We Come!
  • 21st April: Hmmm...
  • 28th April: The Error Bar in Review
  • 5th May: Playing Poker by Phone
  • 12th May: Playing Poker by Phone... again
  • 19th May: A Straw and Sticky Tape Nim-playing Computer
  • 14th July: James Bond - From Russia with PAIN
  • 21st July: Toothpaste Twister
  • 28th July: Turing Test
  • 4th August: Team Building Exercises
  • 11th August: Honours Error Bar
  • 18th August: Memory
  • 25th August: Good News Week
  • 1st September: The Joys of Chemistry
  • 6th October: Wet'n'Wild Error bar
  • 13th October: This Week's SPOOKY Error Bar


  • 26th February: The Physics of Flying Papers
  • 5th March: The Physics of Parties
  • 12th March: Voluntary Student Unionism
  • 19th March: Pub Quiz III
  • 1st April: Homemade Laser Weapons
  • 16th April: JS Miller's coffee and Freezing Boiling Water
  • 23rd April: Balloon-Pwered Cars
  • 30th April: The Most Useless Physics Theory of History
  • 7th May: The Art of Communication
  • 14th May: Laser Weapons
  • 21st May: Interacting Fluids
  • 23th July: Logic Puzzles
  • 6th August: Optical Illusions
  • 20th August: The Second Crackpot Theory Error Bar
  • 10th September: Sound
  • 8th October: Gravitational Lenses
  • 15th October: Minimum Uncertainty
  • 22nd October: Pub Quiz
  • 29th October: Cold Stuff


  • 27th February: A Super String Problem
  • 6th March: The Inaugural Error Bar Pub Quiz
  • 13th March: The Prisoner's Dilemma: An introduction to Complex Systems
  • 27th March: Ball Bearings in 20kV/cm Electric Fields
  • 3rd April: The Physicist's Mind
  • 30th April: Aerospace Exploration via Chupa Chup
  • ?? ???: Nanoscale Machines as Designed and Modelled by PAIN
  • 29th May: Life, The Universe and Everything
  • 24th July: Planetary Orbits nad Flatland, 3-Space, 4-Space and 5-Space
  • 31st July: Making Money by Sending Signals Faster Than Light
  • 14th August: Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • 21st August: A Square Peg in a Round Hole
  • 28th August: Buoancy and Archimedes' Law
  • 4th September: "Good News Week"-Style Quiz
  • 11th September: Explosives, Explosions and Bang-Going-Stuff
  • 9th October: Error Bar at the Camp
  • 16th October: Second Biannual Pub Quiz
  • 23rd October: Kelvin's Water Dropper
  • 30th October: Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream


  • 21st February: The Physics of Parties
  • 28th February: How to ride a Bicycle
  • 7th March: The Mathematics of Chance
  • 14th March: Neural Networks and Searle's Chinese Room
  • 18th July: Hand-Drawn Holograms and Stereograms
  • 8th August: Smoke Ring Generators and Vortices
  • 15th August: Crazy Cans: Physics of a Rolling Food Time
  • 22nd August: Home Made Microscopes
  • 29th August: All aboard for the magical mystery tour
  • 5th September: Liquid Nitrogen Lunacy
  • 12th September: Tesla Coils and Metre Long Sparks
  • 19th September: Hot Air Balloons and Teabags and just plain old hot air
  • 26th September: Cosmolgy and Chaos
  • 3rd October: Error Casino Strikes Again
  • 10th October: Organic Illumination - Tales of an Electric Picke
  • 17th October: Can you Communicate with Aliens?
  • 24th October: A Comic Look at the Physics Department

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