About the Club.

Everything you ever wanted to know about PAIN but were afraid to ask.

  About the Club  

What is PAIN?

PAIN is the students' club for Physics at University of Queensland, and is the geekiest nerdiest club on campus. We have undergrads, postgrads and a few others as members. You don't have to be a Physics student. PAIN is affiliated with the UQ Student Union and aims to provide an environment in which students can get to know each other and relax, and also get to know students from other years.

Does it hurt?

No! PAIN is just the name. Possibly is it an acronym of some kind 'PAIN Acronym In Need'. There is currently an epic quest going underway to for any student, staff or none of the above, to attempt to come up with the best acronym for PAIN. The person who submits an acronym deemed sufficiently awesome shall have their acronym posted on this very site.

What do you do?

We have weekly meetings, which are called 'Error Bars', at 5PM every Friday during semester. Important topics covered include making icecream using liquid Nitrogen, things not to put in a microwave over, trivia nights, investigating how bad movie Physics is, and so on. These are followed by pizza and soft drink. A listing of past Error Bars can be found on the archive page. Upcoming events including the next Error Bar are announced on the home page and through the mailing list. PAIN also conducts a major event 'Astrocamp' annually, usually around the start of second semester. This is a trip to Kilcoy (or thereabouts) to conduct astronomy.

Is it expensive? How do I join?

Membership is $5.00 and entitles you to four free soft drinks per semester. Soft drinks and slices of pizza at the Error Bars are $1.00 each. To join just turn up at an Error Bar and talk to one of the exec or come and see us on Market Day. Keep an eye on the news page or the home page, or join the mailing list to find out about our latest events. Come and meet us! Geeks and Nerds of all kinds are welcome.

Is PAIN good for me?

Yes! As well as social activities and entertainment, members have the opportunity to lead group activities, conduct an Error Bar, and develop valuable life skills. The opportunity also exists to perform an executive or volunteer role, as determined by elections held at the AGM.


You will find us in the Physics Tea Room, Parnell building, 7-208. This is in the corner of Parnell building near the corridor to the Physics Annexe.

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