Club News and Events 2014.

Full listing of all news and events for the year.

  Club News & Events  

Full Listing of PAIN News and Events for 2014:

16th Feb:
  • Reset! Start again for 2014.
  • Summary of 2013 news and activities can be found here.
  • AGM 2013: The Annual General Meeting was held on 25th October, and the new exec was elected. Your exec for 2014 is: President Laurie Opperman, Treasurer Geoff Kahl, and Secretary, Josh York. Support the new exec! Team PAIN may be contacted by email here.
  • Call for volunteers! PAIN still needs Social Convenors for 2014. If you would like to assist the club in organising and leading error bars, please make yourself known to the exec here.

  • 23rd Feb:
  • There is News!
  • Market Day 26th Feb 10am-2pm-ish: Come and visit us! Find our stall in front of Richards building. Also come and help us man the stall. (No effort or acceptance of resonsibility is required, just smile and say hello a lot.)
  • [Re]new your membership! Spend the big $2! A perfect opportunity to do this is Market Day (see above). Otherwise, look for someone a bit PAIN exec-like, maybe 5:00pm-ish in the Tea Room on a Friday, perhaps at an Error Bar.
  • Learn LaTeX 28th Feb: We are holding a tutorial on LaTeX, 28th Feb 3pm-5pm, Parnell 7-204. This was amazingly popular last year! Wean yourself off Microsoft and learn the "proper" way to write scientific documents.
  • Error Bar, LN2 Ice Cream, 7th Feb: The first PAIN Error Bar for 2014 is the ever popular Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Q: How cool is that? A: 77K cool actually. Try 7th Feb, 5pm-7pm-ish, Alumni court (West of Parnell) under the Radon Pavillion. Sorry, there is no more Radon any more :-(

  • 3rd Mar:
  • Learn LaTeX again! 7th March! Due to the overwhelming popularity of our previous LaTeX tutorial, we are doing it again. This time try 7th March, 3pm-5pm, Parnell 7-204. LaTeX is the preferred format for submission of papers to many scientific journals, so it is worth learning! And after learning LaTeX, chill out with cryogenic icecream at out first Error Bar for 2013, details below.

  • 12th Mar:
  • Error Bar, PI Day, March 14th: Our Error Bar for 14th March (3.14?) is PI Day. Celebrate all things circle related! How many digits can you recite from memory? Show off your baking skills, pi/pie. So be there, this Friday, in the Tea Room 7-208 ΦTR, 5:00PM!

  • 18th Mar:
  • Error Bar, March 21st Mingle 'n' Board Games: At this week's error bar we wan't to see your board game prowess! Come along, play board games, meet people, have pizza... There may even be some free lollies involved :). As usual, meet in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR,) at 5pm on Friday (21st March), and we'll head to the designated board gaming area. More details on that closer to the event. If anyone wants to bring their own board and card games, feel free to! The more interesting, cool and various games, the better. Show off your skills!
  • Call for Volunteers, Sell Sausages, March 21st: We're calling for volunteers to come help out with selling some sausages earlier this Friday, from 9am to 3pm. It wouldn't be for long: we'd be ecstatic if you could help out for only one hour. Also, it's cool to be behind the desk of one of those sausage stands on uni. If you're interested, email the exec, or rock up anytime on Friday to the Grassy Knoll's sausage stand.

  • 23rd Mar:
  • Error Bar, Experimania! Fri 28th Mar: This Friday we will be doing ACTUAL PHYSICS! Really! We'll be doing awesome, fun and easy experiments (no, no reports, no uncertainties) that demonstrate how things in the universe work. Meet in Parnell 208, ΦTR, at 5pm promptly-ish, on Friday (28th March). Pizza and soft drink will be available as usual for a big $1 per slice/can.

  • 2nd Apr:
  • Error Bar, Movie Night Fri 4th: Stressed yet? Well, why don’t you sit back and relax? Maybe watch a movie. On Friday at 5pm With us. This week’s error bar will be a movie between 5pm and 7pm. We’ll be in Parnell 7-326. We’ll decide a movie there. Here’s what the list will be (they’re good, science-y movies): Donnie Darko, Looper, Blade Runner, Primer, Source Code, and Minority Report. Pizza and soft drink will be available as usual for a big $1 per slice/can.

  • 9th Apr:
  • Error Bar, Study Night Fri 11th: This Friday night, we solve the longest standing physics problem: not knowing enough physics! We’re having a study night for first, second and third year physics students - you guys - to get together and work through those nasty assignments, and prepare for those worrisome mid-semester exams. We’ll be in the Parnell Tea-Room (as usual) 7-208, between 5pm and 7pm. There’ll be pizza at a dollar per slice (yes, we’ll have it before 7pm this time).
  • New Membership Cards! Also, we have new member cards! If you can find one of us in the tea room, we’ll be happy to exchange the old, paper membership cards for new, shiny, quality cards.
  • "Minority Report" last Friday: For those guys who came along to watch the movie last Friday, I hope you enjoyed it! We watched Minority Report: a great movie! (And Pres Laurie wisely decided to hold movie night in a normal lecture room rather than an electrical switchboard room.)

  • 1st May:
  • Movie Night, Fri 1st: Heyo! Welcome back to the semester, and we have something chill for you guys to get settled back in: our Vintage Physics Movie Night! Currently on offer are Blade Runner and They Live. Check them out and give us a spam if you want either of these (or another movie).
    As usual, we meet in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish, then head upstairs to Parnell 7-302 to watch the movie. We’ll have pizza and soft drink cans, probably half-way through.
  • BBQ Monday 5th. As you may have seen on our Facebook group, we have a barbecue next Monday (5th May), between 9am and 3pm. Reply to this or our post on Facebook if you’d be willing to help out. It’d be awesome if you did!

  • 9th May:
  • Lab Tours, Fri 9th: Hey guys! This Friday we're doing something a little special: We're going to check out some of UQ's Physics Department's amazing and cutting edge labs! We'll see what research they are doing, and the cool equipment they do it with. We'll meet up as usual in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish on Friday, and we'll go from there..
  • Thanks! I want to say a big Thank You for all you guys who helped out or bought a sausage at the BBQ yesterday.

  • 15th May:
  • SUSS Laser Tag 1st June: SUSS is holding a laser tag thing on Sunday 1st June. See the PAIN facebook page for more info.
  • Movie Night 16th May Choices are Gravity (2013) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Source Code (2011) and (oooh scary) Alien (1979). Please advise any preference to the exec. Meet up as usual in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish. Pizza and soft drink will be available at mid-way through the movie. It should finish around 7:00PM.
  • Mentos and Diet Coke 23rd May The Error Bar for Friday 23rd is the Mentos + Diet Coke "experiment". Meet up as usual in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish.

  • 22nd May:
  • Mentos and Diet Coke 23rd May This week we will be performing the highly requested experiment: the splendiferous placement of mini-megafizzifiers in the ultra-volcanologous bubbly sucrosomose, or Mentos in Diet Coke. Come along and watch the eruptions, and have a chat to fellow classmates. Meet up as usual in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish. Pizza and drinks for $1 like always.

  • 30th May:
  • Movie Night Friday 30th Time for another movie night! Choices this time include Alien (1979), They Live, Looper, Primer and Donnie Darko. As usual meet up as usual in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish. There will be pizza and drinks for $1 as usual.
  • Trivia Night Friday 6th June Get pumped up for Trivia Night next week. More details soon.

  • 3rd June:
  • End of semester: It’s come to that time of semester again - and for some of you, it’s your first time! The assignments, the study, the stress, the hope, the excitement, the drama! We have it all here at the University of Queensland!
  • Trivia Night Friday 6th June Blow it off with relaxing, fun Trivia Night, right? Well, don’t we just have the thing for you! This Friday night, between 5pm and 7pm, PAIN is holding our revered Murray’s Trivia Night. You’ll find us setting up shop in room 326 of Parnell. But why would you come along? There may be lolly and chocolate surprise prizes… Just saying… Otherwise, there’ll be pizza and soft drink cans (for $1 each) as usual.
  • Study Day Tue 10th June In other news, we’ll be holding our regular study day on the Tuesday of SWOT-VAC. I’ll post more details about it later in the week. I hope the end of semester is lifting all of your spirits, and that should cause you to come along. See ya there!

  • 4th June:
  • Study Day Tue 10th June We’ll be holding our regular study day on the Tuesday (10th June) of SWOT-VAC. This time it's at Richards building, East (not West!) of Parnell, in rooms 5-207 and 5-213. We'll be starting at 9:00AM, and finishing at 3:00PM, with lunch in the middle. Here's the lecturer timetable:
    10am: Matthew Davis
    11am: Tim McIntyre, Arkady Federov
    12am: Lunch (at Alumni Court)
    1pm: David Carberry
    2pm: Joel Corney, Michael Drinkwater

  • 30th July:
  • Winter hibernation is (yawn...) over: It's time for announcements! Error Bars! Activities!
  • Market Day is today, Wed 30th July. PAIN will have a stall somewhere near Richards bldg (East of Parnell). Come and join, rejoin, rejoice, or generally hang with us.
  • Strike Bowling / Laser Tag Thur 31st July. SUSS+UQPMS+PAIN are hosting another awesome night at Strike Bowling and Laser Tag on Thursday from 5pm. Details can be found on the Facebook event page, and tickets can be bought from TryBooking here for $26 (includes pizza).
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (again?) Fri 2nd Aug: This Friday, we’re holding our awesome liquid nitrogen ice-cream making error bar again! Come and join to make the best ice-cream you’ll have tasted all day! We’ll be messing around with ultra-cool stuff! We’ll be meeting up at 1pm at Alumni Court on Friday (2nd August) to get straight to it, and we’ll stick around until 3pm (although, the ice-cream mixture might not decide to stick around that long!). The UQNav app will get you to Alumni Court, but otherwise it’s the grassy area just west of Parnell.

  • 4th Aug:
  • Error Bar - Microwave Oven, *Tuesday* 4th Aug. This Tuesday, we're going to be playing with microwaves! Safely, of course. We'll be calculating the speed of light using food in a microwave (which we get to eat later), and seeing what happens to light bulbs and CDs when cooked in a microwave.
    As usual meet up as usual in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR), at 5pm promptly-ish, and finish 7pm-ish. There will be pizza slices and drinks for $1 as usual.
  • Tuesday Error Bar is an experiment: Please send any suggestions / complaints / feedback, Tuesday vs Friday, to the club exec.

  • 12th Aug:
  • Error Bar - Movie Night 15th Aug. This week we're going to the movies. We'll be seeing the highly acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy, part of the Marvel universe. We'll meet up in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish (Friday 15th), and have pizza ($1 per slice) straight away. After that, we'll head over to Brisbane Myer Centre Cinemas, where we'll watch the 6pm showing of Guardians of the Galaxy. For UQ students, the price will be $6.50 (as long as you have your UQ student ID!).

  • 19th Aug:
  • News, news, and even more news...
  • Movie Night: Tue 19th Aug. This Tuesday is movie night: the choices include Alien (1979), Donnie Darko (2001), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Primer (2004), and Titan AE (2000). Remember to turn up in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish. Pizza slices and soft drink cans will be available at $1 ach.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Tue 26th Aug. Next Tuesday, get excited for an awesome scavenger hunt! Have fun going across campus, and at the end there may be a prize! We'll meet up in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish (Tue 26th).
  • Astrocamp 29-30th Aug. AstroCamp is official! It’ll be on the weekend of 29th and 30th August: Friday-week. Fill out this form if you’re interested in coming. I’ll send out a separate email with more details, but we’ll be heading to Hazeldean for two nights. Some general information on the Hazeldean facility is available here. NOTE: Ownership of the Hazeldean facility has changed, and there are new rules! Make sure you have read the latest rules. Ask the exec!
  • Careers Night - Mon 25th Aug. The Australian Institute of Physics is holding a free careers night next Monday, 5:15pm-7:30PM,at QUT. They are aiming to provide some interesting snapshots of different career paths for physics graduates and discussion opportunities with the presenters after the event. Additional information is provided in the email which was sent to members, or ask the exec for a copy.
  • Summer Research Projects: If you’re interested in physics research, you should consider a summer project. This is eight weeks of real-life research with one of the awesome physics researchers at UQ. If you want to apply for the scholarship, you’ll have to hurry: applications close August 30th, so get checking out the available mathematics and physics projects here and here.
  • BBQ - Monday 25th Aug. The final BBQ for the year wil be held 9am-3pm, Grassy Knoll (near Merlo), on Monday 25th August. Helpers are welcome, as are all members.

  • 9th Sep:
  • Error Bar: A couple of cards! Tue 9th Sep. Just an easy one tonight: we'll be playing cards in the tea room. Meet up at 5pm, and there'll be pizza slices and soft drink cans (and juice poppers) for $1. Hope to see you there!

  • 22nd Sep:
  • Error Bar: That's Sterling! Tue 23rd Sep. We'll be making Sterling engines at this weeks's error bar, Tuesday 23rd. Meet in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish if you're interested in turning a flywheel using only the heat of a candle. Pizza slices and soft drink cans will be available at $1 each.

  • 5th Oct:
  • Error Bar: Physics of music Tue 7th Oct. This week's error bar we'll be looking at how music is made: the physicist's interpreatation! We'll be looking at how an electric guitar turns finger motion into intelligible sound, and how to make flutes from carrots, among other things. If you'd like to bring your own instrument, feel free to, and we'll work out the physics behind that as well! Meet in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish. As usual, pizza slices and soft drink cans will be available at $1 each.

  • 12th Oct:
  • Error Bar: Physics of WW1, Dr Timo Niemenen Tue 14th Oct. This week's error bar we will have a talk from UQ physics lecturer and researcher, Dr Timo Niemenen, starting 6pm in Parnell 222. Timo will be talking about the physics for World War 1. Meet in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish as usual, for pizza slices and soft drink cans beforehand.

  • 21st Oct:
  • Error Bar: Cafe Crawl! Tue 21st Oct. Today (Tuesday), it's time we do one of the things physicists know best: drinking coffee! That's right, we're going on a cafe crawl around Brisbane! Meet in the Physics Tea Room (Parnell 208 ΦTR) at 5pm promptly-ish as usual, and head off by bus from there. We'll probably be having dinner out of uni, so be prepared for that.

  • 26th Oct:
  • Study Day, also PAIN AGM, Wed 5th Nov. PAIN will conduct a study day on Wed 5th November. The PAIN AGM will also be held on the same day. Details will be posted when they are available.

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