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Junk conference warning

Regular readers of this page have reported the following conferences as junk conferences, based on attending and/or presenting at earlier incarnations of them.

waset. The waset "organisation" is still targeting our field—along with every other field in academia it seems. One reader, Kim Guan Saw, wrote: "I would also like to alert you that this particular organization has been using my name as their conference committee member. I am not involved at all with this organization and their conferences and have not consented for my name to be used. My university legal office has been informed and is looking into the matter. I hope you will inform your colleagues if they happen to associate me with these conferences."—2 April 2015

See the comments at the end of this post for other experiences; or this warning. Comments from the former include:
• "In 2012 I organised an international conference ... our list of working group titles has just been copied and pasted for a WASET conference (15–16 May 2013)"
• "The conference is a complete scam. I know I have been on several hiring committees and if we see someone list a paper published at WASET on their CV we immediately stop evaluating their application."
• "I went to a WASET conference and it was a complete joke. There were virtually no people there in my field, and the talks were completely unrelated to each other. Basically each person got up and spoke about their work to a completely unrelated audience. For example, the person before me talked about boat design, I talked about quantum mechanics, and the person after talked about Halal meat!"

A full list is here , an example to avoid is below.