Achievements of Group Members
  1. Idea of Single Molecule Dynamic Triangulation. (2006)
  2. Observation of violations of the Bloch equations under  strong optical excitation (studied with single molecules) and its theoretical description. (2004)
  3. A pioneering work on electronic energy relaxation in polymers doped with chromophors. First direct measurements of coherent emission of single molecules. (2001)
  4. First observation of non Lorentzian spectral lines caused by coherence transfer processes. (2000)
  5. Single molecule spectroscopy at mK temperatures. Distribution of single molecule line-widths. Theory of single molecule line shapes in a fluctuating environment. (1999)
  6. Time-resolved single molecule spectroscopy. (1998)
  7. Study of single molecule properties under two- and one-photon excitation. (1997)
  8. First two-photon excited single molecule spectrum. (1995)
  9. First image of a single molecule with a conventional optical microscope. New class of systems for single molecule spectroscopy. First experiment on single molecules under near-field excitation at cryogenic temperatures. (1994)