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An obvious trend of  modern technology is the ever smaller size of fabricated devices. They are already just 100 times larger than the diameter of a sugar molecule and their characteristic scale shrinks by a factor of two approximately every five years. There is no reason to expect the rate to decrease in the nearest future. However already on the scale of one sugar molecule, classical physics is expected to be fundamentally flawed (strictly speaking, the border between classical and quantum world is very vague and depends on phenomena as well as the required accuracy for their description) and quantum effects are likely to emerge. Although the quantum laws are believed to be established, they are so complex that it is very difficult to predict theoretically how a future molecular-scale device will operate. Therefore, instruments to measure properties of matter on a nanometer scale, a scale of one molecule are needed.
  1. How such an instrument can be built?
  2. Where are the practical/fundamental limits for sensitivity?
  3. How should the inevitable fluctuations be dealt with?
These are examples of questions which we are trying to answer.
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