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Theory paper from ACQAO highlighted by New Journal of Physics.
25 May 2012
Theory paper from ACQAO one of the highlights for 2011 in Atomic and Molecular Physics selected by the New Journal of Physics. Read more...
WORKSHOP: Victorian Summer School on Ultracold Physics
6 April 2012
$500 Scholarships for the Victorian Summer School on Ultracold Physics now open for honours students outside Melbourne.  Please contact ACQAO Director kenneth.baldwinanu.edu.au with your name, institution and a recommendation letter from your supervisor. Read more...
ACQAO work published in Reviews of Modern Physics -highest journal impact factor (52) in physics.
5 March 2012
ACQAO members Andrew Truscott and Ken Baldwin and co-authors, have had a paper published in the journal Reviews of Modern Physics, which is has the highest journal impact factor (52) in the field of physics. The work was also highlighted on the front cover. Read more...
Hans Bachor has been named a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM)
26 Jan 2012
Previous ACQAO Director Professor Hans Bachor has been named a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2012 Australia Day honours list. Read more...
ACQAO He* BEC research an Optics Highlight of 2011
Dec 2011
Characterising the quantum coherence of ultracold atoms by researchers in the ACQAO metastable helium (He*) BEC laboratory at ANU has been highlighted in the 30 most exciting peer-reviewed optics research articles in 2011 by the Optical Society of America (OPN 22(12) p. 37).
Dr Matthew Davis receives Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award
2 Dec 2011
Dr Matthew Davis has received a Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award in recognition of his excellence in early career research together with his passion and capacity to communicate science to the community.
QUANTUM OPTICS: The next 25 years
24 August 2011
Unlike any workshop you have attended: Speculate about the future. Sketch bold visions and new gadgets. What will the big concepts and contributions of quantum optics be in another quarter century ? What will the contributions of our work today be to everyday life in 2036?
Scientists Make Quantum Breakthrough
20 April 2011
Scientists from The Australian National University have demonstrated for the first time that atoms can be guided in a laser beam and possess the same properties as light guided in an optical communications fibre.

The 2010 Annual Report
9 May 2011
The ACQAO 2010 annual report is available for download.  Thanks to the many people in the Centre who have helped to complete this report, as always this is a team effort.

Anu Scientists Show Atoms Act Like Lasers
25 Feb 2011
Scientists from The Australian National University demonstrated conclusively long-range coherence of a BEC for correlation functions to third order, which supports the prediction that like coherent light, a BEC possesses long-range coherence to all orders.
ACQAO student wins Prime Minister's Australia Asia Award
20 Jan 2011
Seiji Armstrong, from the Quantum Imaging group, was awarded the Prime Minister's Australia Asia Award in late 2010. The award provides a scholarship for the best and brightest university students from Australia and Asia. As part of the scholarship, students undertake study or research as well as internships or work placements in selected countries throughout the region. Read more...
AOS award winner explores the quantum limit
19 Jan 2011
Professor Hans Bachor from the ANU has been awarded the AOS Beattie Steel medal and AIP/IOP Harrie Massey award.
Beating the standard quantum limit on noise with ultra-cold atoms
29 Dec 2010
An international team of researchers involving Dr Karen Kheruntsyan from the University of Queensland node of ACQAO and his colleagues from France and Poland have produced a source of pair-correlated atoms that beats the standard quantum limit on noise. Read more...
ACQAO Staff Awarded ARC Future Fellowships
20 Nov 2010
ACQAO researchers Ben Buchler, Karen Kheruntsyan, Murray Olsen and Andrew Truscott have been awarded Australian Research Council Future Fellowships. The aim of Future Fellowships is to attract and retain the best and brightest mid-career researchers in Australia.
Matthew Davis wins UQ Teaching Award
20 Nov 2010
Associate Professor Matthew Davis has received The University of Queensland Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in recognition of his contribution to the quality of student learning, student engagement and the overall student experience at The University of Queensland.
Prof. Bachor presents at Questacon
11 Sep 2010
Join Hans Bachor, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics and an internationally recognised scientist and educator, will present the invention, development and future of lasers on Friday 19 Nov 2010 at Questacon. Read more...
2011 ARC Discovery & Linkage Project success
5 Nov 2010
ACQAO CI's were successful in both the DP and LP funding rounds. Each project also has various external ACQAO people as named investigators, highlighting the strength of the Centres collaborative network. Read more...
ACQAO's collaborative success recognised by FEAST publication
14 Sep 2010
ACQAO is pleased to participate in the new FEAST publication and website. The publication, 'Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology cooperation' promotes the quality of research and collaboration that Australian research groups, such as ACQAO, have undertaken with European organisations. Read more...
ACQAO theorists’ work highlighted by Physics – spotlighting exceptional research
2 Sep 2010
Exact solutions to the three-body quantum challenge, given recently by Swinburne-ACQAO theorists Liu, Hu and Drummond, attracted a Viewpoint commentary in the prestigious online journal Physics. Read more...
50 years of Lasers and a Brilliant Future - Hans Bachor
1 Sep 2010
50 years ago the first laser sent out the first pulse of light and now it is one of the underlying technologies used today. In celebration of the laser, Professor Bachor is making his way across the country side giving a vibrant series of Laserfest presentations. Read more...
SUT team gain spotlight for Fermi Gas publication
16 August 2010
The SUT ACQAO team's work on 'Universal behavior of pair correlations in a strongly interacting Fermi Gas', recently published in Phys. Rev. Lett 105, 070402, has gained interest from the physics community with a commentary in the American Physical Societies "Physics" websites. Read more...
ACQAO Theorists Work Suggested by the Editors of Physical Review Letters
8 July 2010
In a recent Editor Suggested Physical Review Letter (PRL 105, 013201 (2010), Swinburne-ACQAO theorist Chris Ticknor Seth Rittenhouse of ITAMP theoretically studied three-body recombination in a dilute system of dipoles. They found that dipole-dipole interaction is strong and long range. This interaction will lead to the study of strongly interacting and highly correlated systems in the ultracold environment, offering insight into correlated quantum systems such as superconductors. Read more...
Pseudogap Pairing of a Strongly Correlated Fermi Gas
22 June 2010
ACQAO theorists Hui Hu, Xia-Ji Liu, Peter D. Drummond, and visiting student Hui Dong at Swinburne University of Technology’s Centre for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy (CAOUS) have recently developed a new theoretical tool to elucidate the controversial pseudogap pairing in strongly correlated atomic Fermi gases. Read more...
Dario Poletti wins Materials Research Society of Singapore Medal
9 June 2010
Joint NLPC / National University of Singapore PhD student, Dario Poletti, who worked with the ACQAO IAS theory group has been awarded the inaugural Materials Research Society of Singapore Medal for 2009/2010.  The award is for the most outstanding PhD thesis in the Department of Physics (NUS).  Another example of the quality PhD students and collaborative networks that ACQAO is proud to be a part of, congratulations Dario.

Center for Ultracold Atoms supports ICAP student workshop
21 May 2010
In conjunction with ACQAO's support for the ICAP student workshop, we wish to acknowledge the support from the Centre for Ultracold Atoms (CUA).  The Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA) brings together a community of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and Harvard University to pursue research in the new fields that have been opened by the creation of ultracold atoms and quantum gases.

Ken Baldwin awarded Barry Inglis Medal for 2010
20 March 2010
In conjunction with the celebration of World Metrology Day, Professor Ken Baldwin has been awarded the Barry Inglis Medal for 2010.

ACQAO theoretical physics: human vs supercomputer
18 May 2010
Ultra-cold atom experiments at the laboratories of the prestigious French university, Ecole Normale in Paris, have given a stunning verification of recent work at ACQAO on the theory of strongly interacting Fermi gases. 

The 2009 Annual Report
3 May 2010
The ACQAO 2009 annual report is available for download.  Thanks to the many people in the Centre who have helped to complete this report, as always this is a team effort.


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