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 Facilities and Equipment

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The Centre is well equipped, including a Class 3500 clean laboratory for soft-condensed matter and functional materials research and applications.


The Centre for Biophotonics and Laser Science is well equipped with lasers, spectroscopy systems and associated devices in dedicated experimental laboratories. The laser systems enable us to access wavelengths from 157 nm – 2500 nm. We have pulsed systems with pulse durations down to 130 femtoseconds for ultrafast spectroscopy, as well as high power CW systems. A range of detectors, including cooled photon counting detectors and an intensified CCD camera, enable sensitive detection with imaging, spectrally resolved and time resolved capabilities. We have 3 dedicated laser tweezers systems, and a confocal microscope system with fluorescence imaging capabilities. The Centre has a class 3500 clean laboratory, and a polymer and general synthesis laboratory for sample preparation.

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Further details regarding our facilities are provided below:

Laser Systems
    Nd:YAG 1 - 3 W, CW, 1064 nm
    Nd:YAG 15 nsec pulse, 1064 nm 800 mJ, 532 nm 400 mJ, 300 mJ 355 nm
    Dye Lasers, tunable 200 nm – 800 nm, up to 80 mJ
    Titanium Saphire 800 mW, tunable 325 – 1100 nm, 130 femtosecond pulses
    2 x Nd:YAG 5 – 10 W, CW 532 nm
    Tunable OPA, with doubler to access 325 – 2500 nm
    Ar+-Ion 5 W, CW,
    Ar+-Ion 40 W, CW
    Ar+-Ion 1.3 W @ 351.1 nm, CW
    CO2 20 W, CW
    F2 excimer laser, 157 nm, 10 nsec pulse
    2 x Titanium Saphire 2 W CW, 700 nm – 1050 nm
    3 Laser Tweezers systems
    A range of low power HeNe lasers in red, green and orange
    Diode laser systems

Spectroscopy Systems   
Steady State
    Fluorescence spectrophotometer
    Absorption spectrophotometer
    Confocal fluorescence microscope system
Time resolved
    300 mm imaging spectrometer 
    Intensified CCD camera (gate times 10 nsec plus)
    500 mm spectrometer
    Time resolved fluorescence detection system, including LN2 cooled sample holder and double monochromator
    Time-coincidence counter 150 psec response time
Spectral Sources
    High powered Xenon lamp (kW)

    Liquid nitrogen cooled photon counting detector
    Intensified CCD camera (gate times 10 nsec plus)
    Cooled CCD camera 1 Mpixel
    8 Single photon counters   
Optical Microscopy
    Confocal fluorescence microscope system
    Far field
    Fluorescence imaging
    Bright field optical microscopy

Power Meters
    Measure nW – 10 W CW, 400 nm – 100 microns
    Measure 50 uJ – 2 J per pulse, 200 nm – 1 micron ?
    Capability of measuring pW

Solar Cell Testing
    Testing facilities to AM1.5 Global Standard

Material Synthesis and Device Fabrication Facilities
    Class 3500 clean laboratory
    Polymer and general synthesis laboratory
    Thin film deposition (vacuum and spin coating)

Electrical Testing Facilities
    Current, voltage characterisation
    Sheet resistivity
    4 point probe measurements

* Biophotonics and Laser Science Solutions is a registered business name of UniQuest Pty Limited (A.B.N. 19 010 529 898), the technology and consulting company of The University of Queensland. UniQuest have implemented a quality assurance system to ISO 9001 that is third party accredited by NCS International Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Testing Authorities.