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Biophotonics and Laser Science at UQ puts you a world ahead

Biophotonics: Applying laser-based techniques to biological systems


The Centre consists of researchers who can apply strong fundamental physics skills to physics or biology problems over a range of scales from single molecule interactions, through to molecules and cells, to tissues and organs. We provide world class facilities which allow our early career researchers and postgraduate students to reach their potential and make discoveries which will contribute to the Centre becoming an international leader in biophotonics and laser science.
Research Expertise:
» Fundamentals of Light-Matter Interactions
» Biological Imaging and Sensing
» Biological Spectroscopy and Devices
» Laser Manipulation
» Biomedical and Clinical Applications

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Rotating vaterite in micelle
A small vaterite bead inside a micelle is manipulated using laser tweezers, showing that the laser based technique can be used to perform measurements within a cell (click for movie)
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CBLS Seminars and Events
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Upcoming Seminar: Kris Helmerson
Persistent currents and vortices: The physics of "two-dimensional" Bose-Einstein condensates.
Monday, December 10.
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