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 Research Programs

Our aim is to create a multi-disciplinary environment and practice of laser science in biologically and health-related research.

We will develop new biotechnology, medical and engineering applications in laser technology based on the outcomes of high quality research.

At CBLS we currently study biological and health-related systems using advanced laser and photonics based techniques. We have 5 major research themes, each with their own program leader.

Complete list of CBLS members

Fundamentals of Light-Matter Interactions
Biological Imaging and Sensing
Biological Spectroscopy and Devices
Laser Manipulation
Biomedical and Clinical Applications
Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Dr Paul Meredith
Professor Norman Heckenberg
Professor Laurence Walsh
Publications Publications Publications
· Quantum atom optics and single atom detection

· Laser-based methods for diagnostics of fast flows

· Nano-optics on quantum dots

· Hyperpolarised gases for MRI

· Laser induced fluorescence imaging in vivo

· Optically induced substrate uptake in biological systems

· Synthesis and optical detection of single gold-quantum-dots

· Optical studies of charge transfer processes using single molecules as sensors

· FDTD simulation of natural and artificial microstructures

· Digital Fourier microscopy for comprehensive imaging of biological tissue

· Dialysis-assisted fibre optic spectroscopy for drug sensing in situ

· Study of intracellular pathways using novel diamond-based nanoprobes

· Full-field optical coherence tomography

· Role of a lipid ball lens in vision enhancement

· Imaging tissue perfusion using VCSEL arrays

·Synthesis of model dopa-melanin analogues

· Steady state and time resolved photoluminescence emission and excitation spectroscopy of synthetic and natural dopa-melanins

· Quantum chemistry and mesoscopic studies of melanins

· Optical spectroscopy of melanin pigment extracted from cell lines derived from cancerous and non-cancerous human melanocytes

· Application and measurement of forces in optical tweezers

· Torque application to birefringent spheres using polarized light

· Measurement of spin and orbital angular momentum exchange

· Micro-rheometry

· Monocyte adhesion to vascular tissues

· Mechanical properties of cell membranes

· Measurement of viscosity of body fluids using microscopic probes

· Growth of protein crystals in optical tweezers

· Photolithographic micro-machines

· Selective ablation of dental caries using laser fluorescence

· Laser fluorescence measurement of changes in carious lesions in vivo after ozone therapy

· Cutting of deciduous tooth structure, and ablation of restorative materials in paediatric dentistry

· Laser-activated fluoride therapy

· Laser biomechanical preparation of root canals

· Photo-activated disinfection of root canals

* Biophotonics and Laser Science Solutions is a registered business name of UniQuest Pty Limited (A.B.N. 19 010 529 898), the technology and consulting company of The University of Queensland. UniQuest have implemented a quality assurance system to ISO 9001 that is third party accredited by NCS International Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Testing Authorities.